M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Sat, 05 Aug 2000 13:46:50 GMT

I thought you all might want to see this:

        Bandai is working on a new PlayStation 2 Mobile Suit Gundam 3D
action game, scheduled to release in Japan this December. The story is based
on the anime series MS Gundam, about the One Year War between Earth and
Zeon. Thanks to the power of PS2, he graphic quality is greatly improved
from the preview games. The virtual experience of the tension of fighting
under severe conditions is faithfully reproduced. The game will cover First
Gundam, 08th MS Team, Blue Destiny, and the 0080 anime settings. This has
nothing to do with the Mobile Suit G-Savior Gundam game that is coming this

Hmm....interesting. I got this from the Magic Box and a site called Game

Seig Zeon!!!!!

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