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At 01:39 08/05/2000 -0700, Rodrick Su wrote:
>Actually running out of propellent is a real problem. Gelgoog Marines from
>0083 carries detachable fuel tank (me think for propellent purpose). On
>Earth when you are running on nuclear jet engine, propellent is not an
>issue, but in space, where you have to carry your own propellent...

        True, but we aren't talking about propellent here, but rather of the
fuel for the nuclear reaction.

        Although I recall a discussion on this list where the MS carries HE3
into combat, burn it as reactor fuel, and expel the "waste" product -- H20,
IIRC unless I missed -- as propellant.

        But the idea of using such a reactor so dependant on refuelling in a
military hardware is a bit strange. Unless, of course, the reactors are
designed more for output than for prolonged use, which is a possibility if
the reactor is tied directly into the weapon and/or the propulsion systems.

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