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At 01:36 08/05/2000 -0700, Rodrick Su wrote:
>You also got to take this into consideration: The African division of Zeon
>Earth Attack Force have no access to parts. Delaz at least have access to a
>relatively quiet place to lay low (Garden of Thorn), and some access to
>parts (Moon). The African division are completely surrounded by enemies,
>and they have to lay low.

        The African division did lay low for the duration after the war --
and they didn't have much more than a dozen MSes available to support
Delaz's operation when Kou screwed up Gato's original escape plans. That's
12 MSes out of a whole division's worth of fighting forces. That's pretty
good, actually, but how active the African division was in their
anti-Federation activities.

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