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> As for reactor fuel.. to be honest, it rarely is going to be a
> problem in a single sortie. Firstly, unless I'm desperate, I won't send a
> low fuel MS out to fight. Secondly, I don't think that the
> reactor fuel will
> be consumed that fast, although admittedly it is a fusion reactor. Lastly,
> the average combat sortie length is not likely to leave you time
> to run out
> of reactor fuel -- the pilot is more likely to either pass out from
> exhaustion from long patrols, die in an MS explosion, or return
> to base than
> run out of fuel.
> Now, running out of fuels for your verniers might be a
> real problem,
> especially if they are on a different system from the main reactor.

Actually running out of propellent is a real problem. Gelgoog Marines from
0083 carries detachable fuel tank (me think for propellent purpose). On
Earth when you are running on nuclear jet engine, propellent is not an
issue, but in space, where you have to carry your own propellent... Just
look at Cowboy Bebop episode 4 and 17 when a space ship run out of
propellent, they drift until they hit something.

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