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> >In Gundam 0083 we see a bunch of ragtag Zeon suits being kept in
> pretty good
> >shape by a lot of pissed off ex-Duchy pilot types. How possible is this?
> Delaz's fleet is extensive -- IIRC, at least several are
> ships with
> full MS capabilities. While it is not possible to actually
> construct MSes on
> them, it's more than likely that with time, they can rebuild and repair
> damaged MSes.
> As an example, Delaz created Dra-Cs from scrap parts.
> Impressive, nei?

You also got to take this into consideration: The African division of Zeon
Earth Attack Force have no access to parts. Delaz at least have access to a
relatively quiet place to lay low (Garden of Thorn), and some access to
parts (Moon). The African division are completely surrounded by enemies,
and they have to lay low.

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