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Lim Jyue wrote:
> As for reactor fuel.. to be honest, it rarely is going to be a
> problem in a single sortie. Firstly, unless I'm desperate, I won't send a
> low fuel MS out to fight. Secondly, I don't think that the reactor fuel will
> be consumed that fast, although admittedly it is a fusion reactor.

neuclear reactors IIRC operate for decades without refuling, granted
this is a different type of reaction but i'd imagine that any type of
atomic energy, fission or fusioin, would be efficient enough by way of
it's raw power output relative to feuel expenditure that it could last
for uite awhile between refeuings... i wouldn't knwo exact numbers but
in RPG suplements for other types of mecha neuclear or fusion
powerplants generally run between 1-5 years without refeuling. of course
thruster feul or reactoin mass may be something else entirely ;)

> The Federations, however, started with beam weaponry in OYW.
> Although limited in shots, my understanding is that the fusion reactors in
> the MS will slowly recharge the guns.
my interpretation from all the technical data i've read on teh subject
was that E-caps and E-packs stored Mega-particles which could be
produced by the powerfull reactors on-board capital ships but not on
mobile suits themselves (except for maybe the Zeta or ZZ, i forget which
one.. and some mobile armors) the reason reactor output was important ot
give a MS beam weapon capability was that the reactor charged the stored
mega-particles in preperation for firing.. wihtout sufficient juice the
particles couldnt be charged and projected in such a devastating beam..
the reason beam-sabers can be recharged indefinatly and E-caps cannot is
that beam-sabers rely on more conventional plasma contained in a
blade-shaped I-feild type araingment..

at lwast that's my opinion


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