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> Nightingale writes,
>>I can't imagine how difficult to find those
>>pamphlet-sized "MSV Handbook" series.
> Yeah, would they even be intact two decades
> later?!

I have seen the vintage Bandai's monthly "Model
Digest" released way back in early-to-mid 1980s. They
are the same size as MSV Handbook but cover a variety
of Bandai's model releases of the day, including MSV
and related arts and info. They are still in very good
condition so I cross my fingers to find good copies of
MSV Handbooks, but the odds are staggering :)

Speaking of which, I once came across a worn-out copy
of Keibunsha's (?) '0079 collection file set' (i
forget the exact title). Its format looks a lot like
today's MSV files by Kodansha (cards + black paper
slipcase) but I am a bit hesitant about Keibunsha's
kiddie-oriented approach on several of their 0079
pocket encyclopedias. What do think of Keibunsha? Back
then it was one of the most prolific G-book publisher
just like Kodansha, but I don't hear much from them in
recent years (they don't even have a website! or at
least I can't find one). Do you know what happened to
Keibunsha regarding their Gundam book venture?


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