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Hi all! I doubt any of you will remember who I am (2 years ago??) but anyway
lets cut the BS.

This is something that bugged me for a long time. With all those "dodging", I
am pretty sure that those chemical thrusts (or whatever they might be) are going
to run out damn soon. Think about stopping and "reverse" accelerate a 18t MS,
even a few cm and then you have to stop, otherwise you are going to crash into
the Balls...... I am not a scientist and I might be chatting a load of rubbish,
please correct me.

What does the fusion reactor do? Provide the MS electricity or create
explosions which become a (continuous???) forward thrust?? Other thrusts round
the body clearly cannot work in the same way because there is only one reactor
on a MS...... I am pretty confused, please help.

I was reading the discussion on CCA a few days ago and decided to chip in.
I think that baby is Seabrook or some other NT. Basically, it signifies the
human race is already evolving without the need of accelerating that growth
(what Char wanted). Any thoughts??
Mirai looks like a wreak because she didn't get enough of Bright Noah ^_-
Any thoughts on why Char was Char in CCA but not Duiken? Or just because it was
cool since you would associate Amuro with Char but not Duiken?
I wonder where Salya was in CCA. Don't tell me her "voice" was still in

Anyone out there tired Giren's Greed on Bleem or VGS? Please don't give me "go
get a playstation" because I cannot have a playstation in a boarding school. I
can't even load the game with bleem. The game hangs (90%) whenever you enter a
battle in VGS but you can nominate the computer (much less fun...) Any help
would be appreciated. It seems like the CD-rom stops at that point, so I was
trying to "virtual drive" the PSX CD, but the program cannot read certain
sectors and there isn't a ignore button. Is there any way to convert the PSX CD
into a iso9660 image, what software should I use??

Thanx for reading.

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proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it
keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the
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