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>In most UC stuff it seems like an MS is tied to it's base or
>carrier? Is that strictly for ammo and repairs?

        Not only ammo and repairs -- pilots need to be refreshed too. We
know that in '40, during the Battle of Britian, pilots are ultimately more
important than the machine.

        As for reactor fuel.. to be honest, it rarely is going to be a
problem in a single sortie. Firstly, unless I'm desperate, I won't send a
low fuel MS out to fight. Secondly, I don't think that the reactor fuel will
be consumed that fast, although admittedly it is a fusion reactor. Lastly,
the average combat sortie length is not likely to leave you time to run out
of reactor fuel -- the pilot is more likely to either pass out from
exhaustion from long patrols, die in an MS explosion, or return to base than
run out of fuel.

        Now, running out of fuels for your verniers might be a real problem,
especially if they are on a different system from the main reactor.

        Zeon MS rely heavily on ammo based weaponry for a long time --
120mm, 90mm, bazookas etc. Zakus can carry one or two spare drums for their
120mm, I think. Even the Goufs are heavily reliant on their finger guns, and
late production Gelgoogs have 120mms built into them, so almost all Zeon
MSes need ammo refits pretty fast, which will tie them down to capital ships
or bases.

        (Hmm. I wonder if there ever was a scene for a "hot swap", where a
MS comes barrelling in to a hanger, snatch up ammo, and heads straight back
out immediately. Might be a cool scene..)

        The Federations, however, started with beam weaponry in OYW.
Although limited in shots, my understanding is that the fusion reactors in
the MS will slowly recharge the guns. Which means even GMs, with their beam
spray guns, can go on long-range patrols with maybe an extra beam gun and
still last longer than a Zeon MS.

        A few years later, Federation MS were equipped with E-caps, which
actually decrease the loiter time of Federation MS, as they now tend to
discard empty clips rather than recharge them in the heat of battle. I'm not
too sure if the weapons themselves are still rechargable from the reactor,
but the net result is that MS in the Z and ZZ era are still tied down to
support ships.

        (On the flip side, E-caps are smaller than comparative ammo clips,
so MSes can afford to carry more. However, beam weapons are so destructive
that you probably won't need more than a few clips -- either to kill people
with, or before you use them up you are already dead...)

>In Gundam 0083 we see a bunch of ragtag Zeon suits being kept in pretty good
>shape by a lot of pissed off ex-Duchy pilot types. How possible is this?

        Delaz's fleet is extensive -- IIRC, at least several are ships with
full MS capabilities. While it is not possible to actually construct MSes on
them, it's more than likely that with time, they can rebuild and repair
damaged MSes.

        As an example, Delaz created Dra-Cs from scrap parts. Impressive, nei?

>We see a dude on the moon refurbishing an old Mobile armor. Is 0083 just plain
>wrong about this or is this reasonably consistent with other UC storylines?

        Kelly was living in a junkyard. It stands to reason that some of
that junk came from dead MSes, or have parts that can be used in MSes. The
Wal Waldo was probably a lucky find, or Kelly simply deserted with it --
it's unclear when and how Kelly was removed from active duty.

>Are there unseen Helium-3 tankers that nobody would see truckin' out to the
>old abandoned Zeon base? Did the base have huge reserves and never take the
>suits out until Delaz contacted them?

        Possible. The other possibility is simple: piracy.

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