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>I use a Badger 150 model which I really enjoy. The set comes with 3
>different size cups which helps depending on the size paint job you are
>using. Cleanup afterwards is very easy, especially since I switched from
>enamel to acrylic.
>At the beginning I started out with a $20 Testor airbrush just to see what
>it was like and enjoyed using it. I also learned basic airbrushing
>techniques before moving on to my Badger. Maybe you might want to consider
>something basic like that before moving into the advanced units.

I for one, use the Paasche VL, and its a real good brush, and for a beginner i
reccomend a Badger 200, i would have bought that instead of my paasche, but i
just had to get the one that said was the "best selling" around the world so,
both brushes are great its just that the 200 has a single action internal mix
that allows those without steady fingers to do really nice work. but for a
practice I'd buy a Paasche H type or something cheap to practice with. as for
not trusting american brushes, thats more personal preference than anything,
american brushes are just the same as all other brushes.......

- Roger

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