Emery Calame (palaeomerus@excite.com)
Fri, 4 Aug 2000 19:16:54 -0700 (PDT)

Mobile suits are powered by Helium-3 fed Minovsky reactors...right? How
often do various One Year War mobile suits probably need refit and
refueling? In most UC stuff it seems like an MS is tied to it's base or
carrier? Is that strictly for ammo and repairs?

In Char's Counter-Attack we see a guy with a "Hobby Hi-zack". In 8th MS
Team we see what appears to be long search and destroy patrols conducted by

In Gundam 0083 we see a bunch of ragtag Zeon suits being kept in pretty good
shape by a lot of pissed off ex-Duchy pilot types. How possible is this? We
see a dude on the moon refurbishing an old Mobile armor. Is 0083 just plain
wrong about this or is this reasonably consistent with other UC storylines?
Are there unseen Helium-3 tankers that nobody would see truckin' out to the
old abandoned Zeon base? Did the base have huge reserves and never take the
suits out until Delaz contacted them?

In V-Gundam they keep mobile suits hidden in the woods under tarps.
I'm sort of confused here?


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