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Nightingale writes,

>Little did I realize that Bandai gave up doing the
>excellent Entertainmant Bibles at some point (e.g. the
>G Gundam's EB was done by Mediaworks).

  They seem to have dropped out of the publishing business altogether in
the early '90s. Most of their lineup was transferred to Mediaworks, which
has reprinted all Bandai's comics, plus books like MS ERA and the MS

>Being a supporter of underdogs, I applaud Dengeki
>Hobby / Mediaworks' effort and new ideas which are
>often surprisingly pleasent. There is no doubt that
>Hobby Japan mag is still THE model book then and now,
>but they also have that nasty attitude which
>suffocates fans who like to experience new things and

  Just remember, there was a time when Model Graphix was the Gundam
modeler's magazine of choice. I think Dengeki Hobby is on its way to
knocking Hobby Japan out of that slot right now, though HJ still seems to
get timelier scoops (and they have the GEX column, with info straight
from Bandai staffers...).

>They will do well even if they don't do anything new
>and just re-issue their classic 80's masterpieces.

  True, but they're going above and beyond that... they've roped Bandai's
Kawaguchi into editing a bunch of their recent books (like the MSV ones),
and they're breaking new ground with their Turn A books and the upcoming
Gundam Officials...

>Oh I was thinking Kadokawa's glory a la Newtype 100%
>collection series. I have the NT100's reference on V
>Gundam (vol.1 "Usso's Battle") and man what a
>fantastic reference it still is today! Only if I can
>get hold of vol. 2 "Shakti's Prayer" and NT100's 0083
>book ("Project Operation") They are very hard to come
>by these days...

  And fine books they are. The 0083 one cites a lot of factoids from the
novels, so it's sort of a digest of both the OVA and the novelization...
pretty kewl.

>and on top of all that, there are already excellent
>Turn-A books like "Mead Gundam" and Kadokawa's (?)
>Turn-A reference books (vol. 1 and 2 so far)

  Actually, the Turn A books you're probably thinking of (Memory of First
Wing, et cetera) are from Kodansha. But Kadokawa has done a set of five
"NewType Film Books" for the series, and they just released a 100%
Collection for it...

>Wow, thanks! I may ask you when I need them, I still
>hoping to get a copy, even if it means 2nd hand, worn
>out copy at high price. This book is a must have :)

  Definitely. Let me know if you ever develop a hankering for my notes -
I have them sitting right here in text-file format...

>I can't imagine how difficult to find those
>pamphlet-sized "MSV Handbook" series.

  Yeah, would they even be intact two decades later?!

-- Mark

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