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> Nightingale writes,
>> Other than that, I've basically given up any
>> reasonable hope on any books published by Hobby
>> Japan. I am now pretty much a convert of Kodansha,
>> Kadokawa, and Mediaworks and other indie publishers

>> w/ nice flesh of brilliance on Gundam books.
> Yep. After a so-so start, Mediaworks has really
> picked up - their GunPla Manuals are great, the Data

> Collection series is just as good as the old
> Entertainment Bibles,

Little did I realize that Bandai gave up doing the
excellent Entertainmant Bibles at some point (e.g. the
G Gundam's EB was done by Mediaworks).

> and the production quality of the MS ERA reprint
> blows the original version out of the water.

Being a supporter of underdogs, I applaud Dengeki
Hobby / Mediaworks' effort and new ideas which are
often surprisingly pleasent. There is no doubt that
Hobby Japan mag is still THE model book then and now,
but they also have that nasty attitude which
suffocates fans who like to experience new things and
ideas. Thought I am not 100% behind DH, I really want
to see their success transcend to a different level.

> It's nice to see Kodansha getting back into the game

> as well, since they're sitting on a treasure trove
> rare material.

They will do well even if they don't do anything new
and just re-issue their classic 80's masterpieces.
Even mangas like Plamo Kyoshiro was a stroke of
brilliance which every new Gunpla mangas are
desperately trying to copy the very recipe for

> Kadokawa's recent output is less impressive - the
> Gundam Episode Guide books are a weak echo of the
> 100% Collections of yore...

Oh I was thinking Kadokawa's glory a la Newtype 100%
collection series. I have the NT100's reference on V
Gundam (vol.1 "Usso's Battle") and man what a
fantastic reference it still is today! Only if I can
get hold of vol. 2 "Shakti's Prayer" and NT100's 0083
book ("Project Operation") They are very hard to come
by these days...

> Aw, what a crank I am! :-)

Then count me as another, too :) I am not so
optimistic on the local sales of HJ's "Turn-A Gundam
3D Book" since the TV series was not aired publicly in
Hong Kong, and most Gundam fans here still have
lingering negative impression of Syd Mead's designs
(which is thinned somewhat by Turn-X and Sumo models),
and on top of all that, there are already excellent
Turn-A books like "Mead Gundam" and Kadokawa's (?)
Turn-A reference books (vol. 1 and 2 so far) and fans
here did notice they are good references. HJ's take on
Turn-A modeling works may not cut it...

>> Well much of the materials are directly from
>> Kodansha's long out-of-print Pocket Encyclopedia
>> Series of MSV (3 volumes). I managed to get hold of
>> vol.1 (Zaku edition) and vol.2 (Zeon's MS/MA
>> edition) and I am absolutely impressed by its care
>> for detailsand creativity. I am determine to get
>> final volume (Fed's MS edition) to complete the set

>> (and get more education on Gundam :)
> Those books rock. Mark Schumann has managed to
> acquire the complete set, and I borrowed them long
> enough to translate & transcribe most of their
> contents... I can send you my notes on volume
> 3 if you like.

Wow, thanks! I may ask you when I need them, I still
hoping to get a copy, even if it means 2nd hand, worn
out copy at high price. This book is a must have :)

> Now that Gundam Century has been reprinted, and the
> Sunrise record collections have been largely
> in the form of Gundam Archive, the MSV book series
> (and Bandai's MSV Handbook series) are the last holy
> grail for Gundam nuts like us...

I can't imagine how difficult to find those
pamphlet-sized "MSV Handbook" series. So far the only
ones I manage to find are the "New MSV Handbooks" on V
Gundam and that flimsy Silhouette Formula 91 handbook
come free w/ the Neo-Gundam model. If I can find any
one of the 80's MSV handbook one of these days, I
swear I'll be in heaven :P


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