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Aztek makes great beginner and advance airbrush. It's easy to use, easy to clean
and best of all.... cheap!
Mine was around $80 and it came with four different size tips, extra bottles and
instructional video.
All in fancy wooden case. You can find it in tastor's website, go to aztek


Josh CTC wrote:

> I'm not too sure, or confident of american airbrush brands, but i personally
> suggest this particular japanese brand called "Olympus' (or a less
> frequently used name, Aiwata (sp?) It performs rather well, and I got mine
> for about .. US $100-something (plusplus) i think. It's a pretty fine double
> action brush, but the only gripe I have about mine is the very small paint
> capacity. I'm sure there's either an add-on, or another model that can
> contain more paint. I'd suggest an airbrush compressor as well, nothing
> fancy, just something to make the airbrush work. Forget air-cans and all, if
> you intend to do more than just a 1 or 2 models with airbrush, your best bet
> would be a small cheap compressor. And airbrush art is pretty snazzy if
> you're thinking of going into that. Just my two cents worth.
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> > The time has finally come for me to purchase an airbrush, so I thought
> >I'd get some advice from all the more experienced model builders here on
> >the
> >list. Is there any particular model/brand of airbrush I should look into?
> >Are there any to avoid? Thanks for any advice you can offer up.
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