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I use a Badger 150 model which I really enjoy. The set comes with 3
different size cups which helps depending on the size paint job you are
using. Cleanup afterwards is very easy, especially since I switched from
enamel to acrylic.

At the beginning I started out with a $20 Testor airbrush just to see what
it was like and enjoyed using it. I also learned basic airbrushing
techniques before moving on to my Badger. Maybe you might want to consider
something basic like that before moving into the advanced units.

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Vince Leon

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Subject: [gundam] Airbrushes

    The time has finally come for me to purchase an airbrush, so I thought
I'd get some advice from all the more experienced model builders here on
list. Is there any particular model/brand of airbrush I should look into?
Are there any to avoid? Thanks for any advice you can offer up.

-Ryan Freeman-

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