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> Glad to hear I'm not the only person disappointed
> by the Gundam Mechanics series. Aside from the
> large-format pictures, its only real accomplishment
> was providing nice color images of the retconned
> vehicles from 08th MS Team.

Another good use of GunMech is whenever I want to look
up some numbers (height, weight, etc), the size of
GunMech's card files give me the instant 'click' which
reference should I look up first. Other than that,
I've basically given up any reasonable hope on any
books published by Hobby Japan. I am now pretty much a
convert of Kodansha, Kadokawa, and Mediaworks and
other indie publishers w/ nice flesh of brilliance on
Gundam books. The way Hobby Japan behaves will only
drive more and more Gundam book fans away.

> On the other hand, I remain incredibly impressed
> by the two-part MSV Collection Series.

Well much of the materials are directly from
Kodansha's long out-of-print Pocket Encyclopedia
Series of MSV (3 volumes). I managed to get hold of
vol.1 (Zaku edition) and vol.2 (Zeon's MS/MA edition)
and I am absolutely impressed by its care for details
and creativity. I am determine to get the final volume
(Fed's MS edition) to complete the set (and get more
education on Gundam :)

> The one glaring omission is 08th MS Team... perhaps
> they haven't digested all that stuff yet,

Would it be possible that they treat 08 saga as a UC's
heresy? :P For all the hard work done by Kondansha's
staff in the 80's to explain the One Year War in full
circle, 08 managed to spoil the party in pretty
convincing fashion. I hope they are not small-minded
as I feared.

> but I was really looking forward to seeing their
> explanation for the Efreet. (On the other hand, they
> resolved a long-standing point of controversy by
> identifying Zimmad as the creator of the YMS-08A,
> from which we can infer that this machine is totally

> unrelated to the Efreet.)

Oh god, then Efreet and Efreet Custom are alien kids
of OYW :) If YMS-08A was indeed created by Zimmad,
then how come its top design features get merged with
Gouf, a MS created by its business rival Zeonic? If
the new MSV 'Earth' book (which i haven't bought yet)
skip the 'Gouf' bit then it's in confict w/ its old
MSV Pocket reference, but that way it can explain the
passing of the torch (more or less) from YMS-08A to
Dom. Don't forget we still have the alien childen of
Efreet series, but then again they must be treating
the Gundam games (Cross Dimension 0079, Blue Destiny)
as another UC heresy...


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