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>I've been looking at assorted pics of the Mark II, and I've come to realize
>something. Some of the pics have the chest looking Classic Gundam blue,
>while the others have it black(I'm not confusing the AEUG and Titans
>versions, I'm just talking about the chest area), as if the AEUG guys had
>plenty of white for repainting over the Titan's color scheme but didn't have
>any blue for the chest. So which is the correct color, or are they both the
>correct(Like it gets a blue coating later on?)

According the instructions from the original kit, it was supposed to be
"Royal Blue", Blue-Purple or Blue with a small amount of red. Most likely
it would have been painted right away, although it may have appeared
blue-black or solid blue in some of the animation due to intended lighting
effect or unintentional paint shortage in the studio (accidents happen).

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