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> z@gundam.com tried to tick me off by writing this stupid thing (note
> Snippage):
> > The 50 episodes of Z Gundam were divided between the first two Gundam Film
> > Books, while the 47 episodes of Gundam ZZ are done in one. "Official"
> > Romanizations in this volume include the aformentioned Haman Karn and the
> > following:
> >
> > Judau Ashta - JUDO ASHITA!
> > Leina Ashta - ASHITA!
> > Bright Noa - BRIGHT NOAH
> You did that to tick me off, didn't you....

No, I posted the published Romanizations for the benefit of the list membership
at large, as I always do. Since the question of how names are Romanized always
comes up, and there has been an effort of late by the Powers That Be to
standardize them -- however much we may disagree -- I've disseminated this
information whenever it's come to my attention.

One need only go back through the archives to see that I did this long before
you made your presence known here.

As to your assumption that I wanted to tick YOU off, that's what psychologists
call "projection" and what I call slander. If you read my post about love and
hate, you'll know that I would have to CARE about what YOU thought in order to
have any motivation in that direction. I find any such implication mildly
insulting at best.

It happens that I'm totally indifferent to you, your thoughts, or your feelings,
except insofar as I might find you and your written expressions irritating and
wasteful of my time.

Now, this "Rick Dias" character is a different matter. We get enough flames on
this list without some @$$hole purposely trolling for it. Him, I gave a mild
jab. You, I couldn't care less.

If I wanted to tick you off, I'd do it out of band, where only you and I would
know about it, in such a way that you would be murderously furious with me and
absolutely powerless to do anything about it. If I every care enough to give
the very worst, you'll know it.

The only reason that I've bothered to write this is to make certain things clear
to the rest of the list. But, to paraphrase Carly Simon, you're so vain, you
probably think this post is about you. But then you think EVERYTHING is about

I just added your name to my Bozo Filter, so if you ever post anything of value
I'll have to hear about it secondhand. This means that any response you make to
this post will go unseen by me, as will anything else you have to say, good,
bad, or indifferent.

And, no, I didn't do this to tick you off.

I did it to preclude any possibility that you might tick ME off.


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