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Subject: [gundam] Gundam Mark II-blue or black chest?

> I've been looking at assorted pics of the Mark II, and I've come to
> something. Some of the pics have the chest looking Classic Gundam blue,
> while the others have it black(I'm not confusing the AEUG and Titans
> versions, I'm just talking about the chest area), as if the AEUG guys had
> plenty of white for repainting over the Titan's color scheme but didn't
> any blue for the chest. So which is the correct color, or are they both
> correct(Like it gets a blue coating later on?)
    I don't believe that it is either classic gundam blue or black. I think
it is supposed to be a very dark/dull blue. It can be seen as a lighter
shade when held directly up to light or as black when in low light.

-Ryan Freeman-

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