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Once again, Dafydd's special-ordering scheme seems to outperform mine. :-)

  Though in all fairness, I'd held off placing any orders in the month
prior to Anime Expo, in case I found any cool new books there... big mistake!

  Comments on the spellings used in the ZZ book...

>Camille Bidan

  Well, I'm glad _some_ of the Japanese editors get it. :-)

>Nahel Argama

  The prefix is apparently supposed to be "near", according to books
published at the time (which say it's equivalent to "chiki"). I like
"Argama," though - sounds like a dying groan. :-)


  Another case of not getting the reference. Ah well.

>MS-09H Dwadge Reformation

  Interesting translation of "kai"!

>AMX-1 09 Capule

  Doesn't match the "Kapool" on the Turn A model kit box, but then again,
most of the Turn A cameo mecha have their names subtly mangled. The Zussa
that shows up in one of the latter episodes is called the "Zussan"...

>AMX-014 Dooben-Wolf

  Hee hee!

>RMS-099B Schuzrum-Dias

  Ouch. Another missed reference... odd, given how they normally latch
onto German words with relative facility.

>Gundam Mechanics 6 (2000.6.30, Hobby Japan, ISBN4-89425-227-9) 48 "pages" (24
>color) for Y2,095.
>If that sounds like a lot of money, it's because it comes, not in the usual
>cardboard slipcover, but in a 6-ring binder with the Zeon emblem stamped
>on the front and spine in gold,

  And I gather volume 7 comes with a Federation binder...

Nightingale writes,

>from what I've learned, GunMech 7 means to be the last
>UC GunMech book, if this is true, then HJ has done a
>very lousy job from start to finish.

  Glad to hear I'm not the only person disappointed by the Gundam
Mechanics series. Aside from the large-format pictures, its only real
accomplishment was providing nice color images of the retconned vehicles
from 08th MS Team.

  On the other hand, I remain incredibly impressed by the two-part MSV
Collection Series. I love how the writers have cooked up plausible
explanations for all the wacky variants in 0080 and 0083, as well as
explaining a lot about the tactics of mobile suit operations. The one
glaring omission is 08th MS Team... perhaps they haven't digested all
that stuff yet, but I was really looking forward to seeing their
explanation for the Efreet. (On the other hand, they resolved a long-
standing point of controversy by identifying Zimmad as the creator of the
YMS-08A, from which we can infer that this machine is totally unrelated
to the Efreet.)

-- Mark

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