Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 10:59:58 -0700

Charlie Hetherington writes,

>"Heero Yuy" (if that is his real name :) ) I think should be spelled Hiro
>Yui. That's like a phonetic translation to romanji.

  Note that it's a long "i", so depending on your preference, you'd
either write the first name as "Hiiro" or put a horizontal bar
(technically, a "macron," which is just the coolest term for an accent
character!) over the "i".

  At any rate, Sunrise and all Japanese publications have consistently
spelled the name as "Heero Yuy," so arguing over this seems about as
silly as holding out for "Sha Azunaburu". :-)

-- Mark

  P.S. On the other hand, "Kamiru," which seems quite popular among
Japanese publishers who don't get the name reference, isn't actually
phonetic... it should be "Kamiyu". And _nobody_ uses that spelling!

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