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If you have a satellite or digital cable then the Action channel seems to
play a lot of anime. In fact, tomorrow night, they are playing I think 4
hours worth of New Dominion Tank Police. Unfortunately I have somewhere else
to be =(. BTW I also joined after seeing wing, but now I don't much care for
that series. I am just waiting for EW so I can say I've seen em all, and
buying the Original Series on DVD as it comes out. I LOVE UC

If your angry and looking to take out some revenge. Call 1-800-NEWTYPE. Our
prices our so good it's almost better then stealing them.
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> I like all the gundam seires....I've read a bit about macross and i would
> also like to see that too. Unfortuantly there isn't any channels that
> them..unless I don't know about them. The only channel ive seen that plays
> anime is Cartoon Network, but only show the same series over and
> going on the third time ive seen the Wing series...the only new i know
> them getting some new anime is DragonBall GT..which will air sometime in
> september if im not wrong, which i can be. But if Cartoon Network would
> some differeng Gundam seiries it would be a helluva lot better than
> the same series over and over again
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