Ryan Freeman (ryan.freeman@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 10:40:09 -0400

> It's in, and you talk about a big box! 21 runners, not including the main
> shield peice and eye part. Got to love the box art. Now either I'm
> imagining things, or theres a pic of the Nu in the mid section of the
> intructions. (Maybe it's a prtotype or a mockup, either way, it's there.
> Elbows are blue though.) From the initial look, it's got more than enough
> detail. (And the sabers store in the wrists!) Biggest surprise to me is
> the fact the fingers are individual and bend in teh middle of each finger!
> (2 peices per finger! Didn't check teh thumb. ^_^)
> If anyone wants shots, the equipment can be set up this morning before I
> to work today.

    I too recieved my MG Sazabi today. The mere sight of such a beautiful
mecha finally getting the MG treatment it so richly deserves is enough to
make a grown man cry. I can't wait to start on this beauty.

-Ryan Freeman-

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