Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 07:37:22 -0500

A PG Wing Zero Custom? Well that will be intresting. It'd be an intresting
addition to my collection.
I already built the 1/60 scale Wing Zero(just a big ole HG grade) But part of me
wonders how are they going to do the wings? PG's are notorious for detail you don't
think they'd have individual link feathers for the wings?
That'd be scary. But all I know is they NEED to make a 1/60 scale Deathscythe. I
can feel my poor little
unpainted Deathscythe Hell Custom's pain when he looks at his nice painted and light
up cohort in a staggering 1/60 scale.

Edward Ju wrote:

> ><< There are lots of new and exclusive Gundam release
> >announcements from Bandai and JAF-CON9 in the past
> >few days. For more details please take a look at
> >Newtype Asylum's Gundam News page:>>
> >
> >All I can say is for 15,000 yen, that PG Wing Zero Custom better be BIG
> >and Loaded with accessories. If it is a 1/60 they will be in serious
> >trouble...
> >
> >Jason
> What accessories will it come with? At most a pair of beam sabers, plus the
> standrad twin buster rifle. It doesn't even come with a friggin' shield.
> My guess would be that it'll come with a light-up beam saber as standard
> like the Zeta Gundam, and maybe the chest or eyes light up too.
> Eddie
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