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> << I was at Wal Mart a few days ago and saw the Gundam Wing figures. I saw
> the
> Tallgeese, shenlong, deathscythe, wing, and heavyarms
> Michael >>
> What state is your Wal-Mart in? I went to my local Wal-Mart today and they
> had none. I was hoping to pick up a Tallgeese.

I've seen the figures now at Toys R' Us (also the models), a Babbages (the
computer/software store that usually accompanies a Barnes and Noble book
store), and even at a record shop in the mall that carried some anime stuff..
so at least in Texas here, they're in decently wide distribution.

> About this Asia area Wing MSiA's. It irriates me that they get better
> versions, but I am still VERY happy with my USA release Heavyarms, Sandrock
> and Deathscythe. Did any notice how the yellow parts are GOLD for the Asia
> release Wing MSiA's?

I know the Wing Gundam figure I bought was total garbage; I wasnt happy with
it at all. Havent bought any of the others yet, but I may break down and
just buy the entire set next payday.


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