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> So is Wing more popular in Hong Kong then in Japan,
> hence the figures being released there?

Well, Gundam Wing was aired publicly on Hong Kong TV
3 years ago (1997-98) and it was, like other Gundam TV
series, a major hit which gained instant popularity
with the local fans. The rush release of_five_Gundam
Wing MSiA at once, however, took me by surprise,
because the MSiA release schedule in Hong Kong was a
"one figure each month" affair, with the only
exception of Tetsu toys reissue of
Gundam/ZakuII/Char's Zaku back in this Feburary, but
then the flood gate was blown open with 3 sets of
MSiAs available within the same month: Zeta Gundam
first, then Okawara's colour version of Gundam/Zaku,
and finally Wing Gundam in June.
Just last month we saw the simutaneous release of G-3
Gundam and (supposedly not-for-sale) RX-78-2 Gundam
'crystal version' (to promote Wonder Swan's "SD Gundam
G-Gen Gather Beat" Pocket Video Game). So by now, i am
not surprise if Bandai rush out the rest of GW MSiA in
Hong Kong all at once.

My guess for the rush release is because (1) Bandai
want to capitalize the U.S. success of Gundam Wing and
its sales of MSiA series there, and (2) they release
all the GW MSiAs to clear the way for the scheduled
releases of GM/Ball, Zeong, and Big Zam MSiA in the
following months.


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> > I just went over to and there
> are
> > pics of the current Wing line-including the
> > not-yet-released Tallgeese-In Japanese MSIA
> > packaging with inked-in panel lines, similar to
> the
> > Japanese Wing figure...
> > when were these announced? I knew there was a
> > Japanese Wing figure, but I had no idea they had
> > already made Japanese versions of the figures for
> the
> > Japanese MSIA line. The only other conclusion I
> could
> > jump to is that these are fakes.
> These are NOT fakes. While the Wing Gundam MSiA is a
> Japanese-market release, the rest of 5 GW MSiAs (4
> Gundams + Tallgeese) are for Hong Kong and rest of
> Asian Pacific merkets. They were released just last
> night in Hong Kong and I've just bought my own set
> (They are really good!). For more detail see August
> 3
> news on GW MSiA in Newtype Asylum's Gundam News
> page:
> Local release of Wing Gundam and other GW-related
> MSiA
> (e.g. Leo variants + other customized Gundams) will
> be
> released soon.
> Nightingale.

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