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Thu, 3 Aug 2000 00:31:54 -0700

>Those HLJ guys are really pssing me off!
>After I changed my credit card info, the shipping page still hasnt
>reflected the change using my new credit card to send the order. Its
>still on credit hold. I sent them many letters to there trouble email
>and I still havent gotten a response.. They are really starting to suck
>big time. I want to see if Ranibow10 can get me a competive shipping
>rate to UPS.. I dont mind if it takes 2 weeks or so to arrive, as long
>as its reasonably priced.
>Its bad enough HLJ takes 2 weeks to a month or so to PROCESS an order,
>now its getting worse!
>ANy experiences???

What was wrong with my most recent (and LAST) order from HLJ:

- It contained stuff I did not order (a result of their mistake, which
  they refused to admit), and they refused to take back unless I send it
  back AT MY OWN EXPENSE (non-refundable),

- some of the items I ordered mysteriously disappeared from their invoice
  and went unshipped as a result, and

- over two dozen of the items I've ordered came all crunched up, thanks to
  the next-to-none-existing-stuffing (if you can call 2 sheets of newspaper
  that) they used to protect the items from the perils of transcontinental
  shipping. Considering they made hundreds of dollars off that single
  order, you'd think packing popcorns aren't a luxury they cannot afford.
  They said I could keep the damaged items and that replacements are on the
  way, then turn around and told me to send the damaged items back before
  they send out replacements, blaming the old e-mail on "system bugs".

Rainbow 10 may not have the flashiest online catalog, but at the very least
they plastic bag-wrap your kits and give U.S. customers numerous shipping
choices - people who can't wait can go with EMS, while people who can wait
can go with SAL, which saves on shipping. They're also offering UPS as an
alternative now. Check them out at:

Organization RAINBOW TEN Limited,Co.
Order: order@mail.wbs.ne.jp
Question,Inquiury: wbs01077@mail.wbs.ne.jp


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