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Oh dear god forgive me for what I am about to do...

<Trowa> What the---?
<Heero> Omae ... err nevermind.
<Char> Behold my glory!
<Duo> Holy shit, it's Char!
<Quatre> What are you doing in the AC Timeline, Char?
<Char> I come seeking.... retribution!
<Trowa> *gasp* He's come to kill you 'cause you're a pansy, Quatre.
<Quatre> Oh fuck! I'm sorry Char. Don't kill me.
<Char> Nay, fear not. You're all pansies, so I won't dignify you by killing
<Quatre> *Whew*
<Char> I must find a place called "The OZ Headquarters".
<Quatre> Well we can take you there, Char.
<Trowa> Yeh! It's over this way.
<Trowa> Here we are, Char, Oz Headquarters. Who are you looking for?
<Char> Him!
<Zechs> Hah! We meet again, Char.
<Char> You have blemished the name of all red-suited helmet-wearing mobile
suit pilots!
<Zechs> I brought Gundam to a whole new continent of fans.
<Char> Gundam is much more than Gundam Wing!
<Zechs> Gundam Wing is more accessible to north american audiences.
<Char> I'm here to put an end to your blasphemy.
<Zechs> This time we finish it. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
<Trowa> Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here.
[Zechs and Char go at it]
<G-Boys> Go Zechs!
[Char glares at them]
Uh, go Char!
[Char climbs into the Sazabi and tries to squish Zechs]
[Zechs runs and jumps into the Epyon]
[Char dodges an attack, but accidentally steps on Heero]
Quatre: Oh my god! They killed Heero!
Wufei: At least he didn't self destruct again.

okay. time to stop. this is wayyyyyyy too bad. Would someone find my pills
so the bad voices will get out of my head...? ;p

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