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Wed, 2 Aug 2000 23:32:04 -0700

At long last, it's here. Mostly =)
Been too busy with real life lately to move the image search online, even
though it's been ready for close to three weeks now. The good news is I sat
down and did it tonight, so it's now operational. If you hop on over to and click the search link, you can now do
all kinds of nifty things. I'd appreciate any feedback =)
I'll also reiterate my request for help. I can't ID every Gundam character
and mechanic by sight (yet ;p), so I _really_ need someone with a solid
Gundam background to give me a little help. I spent many, many hours
keywording all of the images I have, but there are mistakes, some are
incomplete, and others just aren't done. You'll be given full credit for
your work, of course, so if you got the right stuff, _please_ drop me an
e-mail =P

Arigato, and all of that.

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