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>Gundam Mechanics 6 (2000.6.30, Hobby Japan, ISBN4-89425-227-9) 48 "pages" (24
>color) for Y2,095.
>I don't have a real problem with it, other than the binder matches the
cover of
>GM6, so I can't mount the previous volumes in it without clashing, and I'm not
>in a position to get the other five binders. Pfui!

        Uhm.. were there other binders? I think only GM6 had a binder
included; maybe GM7, which will probably cover the Federation ships. Maybe
the intention is for you to split the GM series into Zeon and Federation
MSes/ships and store them in seperate binder. It will actually be a rather
nice idea..

        Maybe they will even produce binders for other forces? Neo-Zeon,
Axis, Crossbone Vanguard, etc?

>This one's is all about Zeon ships, as follows:

        I guess that will mean there will be a GM7?

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