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These just in from Asahiya:

Dengeki Comics Data Collection 16: Mobile Fighter G-Gundam (2000.6.15,
Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1576-6) 96 pages (64 color) for Y880, as follows:

13th Gundam Fight (1~3)
Mechanic Collection (4~41)
The Devil Gundam (42~43)
Mechanic Collection (44~64)
MF Deveopment History (65~68)
Gundam Fight History (69~74)
G-Gundam Character Design Collection (75~94)

Gundam Film Book Series 3: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (2000.7.7, Asahiya Shuppan,
ISBN4-7511-0207-9) 232 pages (184 color) for Y1,600, as follows:

Special Poster "Haman Karn" [sic] (3~5)
Genealogy of Zeon (6~9)
UC World Before ZZ (10~13)
ZZ Characters' File, Part 1 (14~22)
Film Story (23~79)
ZZ Characters' File, Part 2 (80~90)
Film Story (91~156)
Mechanics of Gundam ZZ (157~210)
Gundam Universe (211~228)

The 50 episodes of Z Gundam were divided between the first two Gundam Film
Books, while the 47 episodes of Gundam ZZ are done in one. "Official"
Romanizations in this volume include the aformentioned Haman Karn and the

Judau Ashta
Leina Ashta
Roux louka
Elle Vianno
Beecha Oleg
Mondo Agake
Iino Abbav
Bright Noa
Shinta & Qum
Astonaige Medoz
Emary Ounce
Milly Childer
Madchar Mucha
Won Lee
Mashymre Cello
Chara Soone
Gottn Goh
Yazan Gable
Rasara & Sarasa Moon
Elpeo Ple
Camille Bidan
Fa Yuiry
Hayato Kobayashi
Sayla Mass
Glemy Toto and Glamy Toto (they have it both ways on the same page)
Rakan Dahkaran
August Guidan
Arius Moma
Taman & Anu
Masai Ngava
Dido Kaltoha
Elo Mellow
Amatha Pola
June Cock
Gadeb Jasin
Illia Pazom
Nee & Lance Gihlen
Stampa halloi
Roy & Rutina Levin
Mineva Lao Zabi

On the mecha side, we get:

Nahel Argama
MSM-03 Gogg
MSM-04 Agguy
MSM-04N Aggguy (the N model gets an extra G)
MSM-07 Z'Gok
MS-09G Dwadge
MS-09H Dwadge Reformation
AMX-1 09 Capule
AMX-101 Galluss-J
AMX-102 Zssa
AMX-008 Ga-Zowm
AMX-014 Dooben-Wolf
AMX-015 Geymalk
AMX-107 Bawoo
AMX-01X Jamru-Fin
MS-14J Regelgu
RMS-099B Schuzrum-Dias
Endra (see Gundam Mechanics 6 below)
Sadalahn (ditto)

Newtype Film Book EX Turn A Gundam Film Book 5 (2000.6.10, Kadokawa Shoten,
ISBN4-04-853171-9) 96 pages (80 color) for Y980.

Episodes 40~50 in 80 pages.

Gundam Mechanics 6 (2000.6.30, Hobby Japan, ISBN4-89425-227-9) 48 "pages" (24
color) for Y2,095.

If that sounds like a lot of money, it's because it comes, not in the usual
cardboard slipcover, but in a 6-ring binder with the Zeon emblem stamped on the
front and spine in gold, Now, I knew that this series was intended to go into
an A5 binder, but I didn't know that I was ordering it that way. I don't have a
real problem with it, other than the binder matches the cover of GM6, so I can't
mount the previous volumes in it without clashing, and I'm not in a position to
get the other five binders. Pfui!

This one's is all about Zeon ships, as follows:

Musai Refitted
Endra (see Gundam ZZ above)
Lili Marleen (yes, the retcon gets an entry of its own)
Graf Zepperin [sic]
Chivvay Refitted
Sadalahn (see Gundam ZZ above)

Not much more to say and its getting late for me, anyway.


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