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--- "L. M. Lloyd" <> wrote:
> > Wufei: HAHAHAHAHAHA! since my name is in Kanji, no
> one
> > can say a word about it!!! GWAHAHAHAHAHA!
> >
> Quattro: SHUT UP! At least the can print you
> romanizations in a
> family mailing list!

Zechs: That is right Wufei!!! listen, the Lord of
Masks has't spoken, is thou hast any dire reactions,
thou must answer to thee Order of Masked Villains!!!

<Korozo, Kronokol, Schartz, and all the masked gundam
villains arrive to back Quattro and Zechs>

Sally: this could be trouble...
Hilde: Duo, what are we going to do?! (looks at Duo)
and what are you doing?
Duo: (using a cellphone) ...don't worry, I've got
everything under control...

<moments later a van arrives, Lalah get off the
driver's seat and Noin opens the big back door. Out
steps Cecily, Cathrina and several others...>

Cecily: UNCLE! what one earth do you think you're
Noin: Milliardo! get your bisienen ass up here right
Lalah: Char! That is the worst disguise I have ever
seen! what would Amuro say if he saw you?!

~Shinigami, too much coffee....

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