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> <Meirang nags poor Wuffy as Katore and MCC look on>
> MCC: (to Katore) will he be okay?
> Katore: (whispering) ...I honestly don't know...
> Ririna: (thinking) poor guy...
MCC: Heheheh, she just called you Wuffy! (Insultingly) Wuffy, shnookums, you
want your teddy bear?
Wufei: (Annoyed, ignores Meirang) AUUGGGGHHHHH!!!
Meirang: (Begins to nag MCC) And you, shame on you for picking on Wussy, er
Wufei: (Angered) Thanks a lot, Honey!
Meirang: (Realizes Wufei is still there) I'm not done with you!
Wufei: Yes dear.... (Saddened)
(Meirang begins to nag Wufei again)
Ririna: (Thinking) Geez, if there ever was a time I wanted to be a
non-pacifist, this would be it.....
Katore: (Whispers to MCC) Geez, maybe you should have been quiet....
MCC: (Whispers back) Look at her beat on him......

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