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> << Wufei: HAHAHAHAHAHA! since my name is in Kanji,
> no one
> can say a word about it!!! GWAHAHAHAHAHA! >>
> MCC: (Angered) Wussy....

Wufei: Its not wussy... its WUFEI! Gwa-ha-ha-ha-h~?!
Katore: He just insulted you, you dolt.
Wufei: he did?! (stops laughing) Injustice! I shall
make you pay with my Natak~?!

<the ghost of Meirang suddenly pops beside him>

Meirang: (indignantly) Your what?
Wufei: uh-oh... uhm, hi honey. hows the afterlife?
Meirang: (gets into a fit) I can't believe you
actually run around calling women names! and to think
you called them WEAK! have you forgotten that I nataku
am a woman!? you dare even usemy anem to... blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah....

<Meirang nags poor Wuffy as Katore and MCC look on>
MCC: (to Katore) will he be okay?
Katore: (whispering) ...I honestly don't know...
Ririna: (thinking) poor guy...

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