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It may have nothing to do with it, but I've been studying a lot about the
power of Qi (chee) and how to harness it. I know that none of you believe
me, but a friend of mine is actually able to generate >very< small amounts
of heat with his bare hands (he's much better at it than I am). Both of us
have done various tests on various people and we both agree that there must
be a scientific explanation for this kind of occurrence. We probably don't
have the technology to find that explanation yet, but that doesn't mean that
it is impossible or not feasible. If it is, in fact, dependent on one's
willpower or ability to concentrate, or some kind of chemical something or
other that happens under certain circumstances, that would explain a
newtype's ability to set up a "psychic shield", though I'd prefer not to
call it that. I haven't seen anything involving an "AT" field, and I don't
know what that stands for or what its capabilities are, so correct me if I'm
way off and it wouldn't have anything to do with Qi. BTW, I don't know
about you, but my whole family and I have learned to stop bullets using only
our minds. I lost a couple of siblings and the right half of my torso in
training, but it was worth it. See, I'm not even using my fingers to type
this. I'm not even in town right now. Just kidding, but I thought I'd
throw that in since no one believes me anyway.
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AT Field? The AT Field is, as Kaworu Nagisa puts it, "The barrier of the
mind...a barrier to a sacred place where others are not allowed to enter" or
something to that effect - would that be applicable as a Newtype-powered
pseudo-"I-field" barrier?

ahhh...I'm sure everyone wishes the same thing...too bad that's one
technology of japanese anime that isn't feasible right now, and maybe

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