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Chris Beilby wrote:
> >Erm? "Lolita Complex"? Please explain to a confused middletype...
> It's another word for Pedophilia...

Erm, I am pretty sure pedophilia is not interchangable with Lolita
complex. Psychology is not my thang, but ehhh... if i m not too mistaken
blah blah blah...

> adolecent or preadolecent females, from the book Lolita (later a movie by
> Stanly Kubrick, then a made for TV Movie in the last few years.) In this
> book, a middle aged man named Humbert Humbert develops an unhealthy
> sexual/romantic obsession with his girlfriend's preadolecent daughter
> Lolita...

Actually Nabakov's (and Kubrick's) Lolita was about how Humbert (a
normal man, not so different from Kevin Spacey in American Beauty) was
tormented by a precociously seductive girl. In fact, the dictionary
definition of the word "lolita" is exactly "a precociously seductive
girl". It's not about dirty old men.

But nowadays a lot of people brandy about "Lolita complex", I suppose it
means an older man who is obessed by an imagined lolita. It's definitely
not as serious (and criminal) as pedophilia. I think the worst a "Lolita
complex" case would do is being really creepy and excessive daydreaming.

Actually we went through this not so long ago: Quess is a bit of a lolita.
Except that it's Char manipulating Quess rather than the other way around
like in Lolita the book/movie.

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