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Wed, 2 Aug 2000 18:34:12 -0700

><< There are lots of new and exclusive Gundam release
>announcements from Bandai and JAF-CON9 in the past
>few days. For more details please take a look at
>Newtype Asylum's Gundam News page:>>
>All I can say is for 15,000 yen, that PG Wing Zero Custom better be BIG
>and Loaded with accessories. If it is a 1/60 they will be in serious

What accessories will it come with? At most a pair of beam sabers, plus the
standrad twin buster rifle. It doesn't even come with a friggin' shield.
My guess would be that it'll come with a light-up beam saber as standard
like the Zeta Gundam, and maybe the chest or eyes light up too.


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