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Wed, 2 Aug 2000 16:43:15 -0700

> Chris Maier ponders,
> > 1)What's the signifigance of Amuro and Char's last words?

Read Murasaki Shikibu's "Genji Monogatari".

Take note of the relationship betwen Hikari Genji, Fujitsubo, and

Notice the similiarity with the Char, Lalah, and Quess relationship.

On 2 Aug 00, at 11:48, Mark Simmons wrotf:
> > 2)Why does Mirai look like a wreck?
> I dunno, I liked her long-haired look. But their home is pretty
> shabby...

I had always wondered, is what we saw on screen really her home?
I can remember when I lived in Tenderloin section of S.F., the
landlord would like to compare how mch better our apartment
compare to the cramped accomedation in Saigon waiting for flight
out, with so many people fled country-side. My understanding is he
had large landholding in the country-side before, and converted
enough to gold to jump-started his slumlord career in the U.S. I
think Hong Kong in the movie is not far from Saigon from the last
days of Vietnam war.

Jim Huang

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