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Actually they'll be playing the fourth season of DBZ in September. GT takes
place after the seventh season, so don't expect to see it until at least
2002. CN has purchased a lot of new anime, which I assume they will premiere
next year like they did with Wing(The new titles, from what I understand,
are Outlaw Star and Big O). Bandai recently stated they have acquired the
original Gundam series for American release, although it's up-in-the-air
whether it will play on CN or not. We'll see.

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I like all the gundam seires....I've read a bit about macross and i would
also like to see that too. Unfortuantly there isn't any channels that show
them..unless I don't know about them. The only channel ive seen that plays
anime is Cartoon Network, but only show the same series over and
going on the third time ive seen the Wing series...the only new i know about
them getting some new anime is DragonBall GT..which will air sometime in
september if im not wrong, which i can be. But if Cartoon Network would get
some differeng Gundam seiries it would be a helluva lot better than showing
the same series over and over again

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