Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 14:10:38 -0700

I'm in Huntington Beach. I tried this couple years ago, didn't get enough
I hope it work this time. I've been fan since the very beginning. I lost
interest for a while with disappointing Wing and G series.
But, came back with 08th MS Team. I consider myself as hardcore UC fan, but I
don't care about anything after 0093.


Joseph Riggs wrote:

> lemon wrote:
> > O.K., I'm starting this thread to try and allow some of us to hook up
> > with local Gundam fans. I'm in Southern California (Orange County), and
> > am really into the U.C. storyline (but not Turn A, or any of the A.C.
> > stuff - I guess I'm just a purist). Anyone else in my neighborhood?
> I'm in Fullerton. My exposure thus far has been 0083, 0080, the three MS
> movies, a few episodes of Wing, a single episode of ZZ (seen over a decade
> ago, in Japanese, with no subtitles, although for some reason, I still have
> a clear enough memory of it to instantly recognize it if I ever saw it
> again), and a picture book that someone I knew over 13 years ago had for Z.
> And a few models (including the F-91 and Verga-Giros mentioned in my
> previous post).
> junior
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