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<< I know Mark said he had a theory -- he always has, the reliable fellow that he is. So here's mine.

I think this relates heavily to the relationship between the three in the original Gundam, when Lalah was still alive. It's probably a case of misunderstanding between this lady and our hero and villian; Amuro seems to have wanted Lalah as a mate (Both are newtype and apparently shared a bond
between them), whereas Char wanted a mother figure -- I don't recall much being said about his mother, anyone can fill in the gap?>>

We never hear about Char's mother, but I don't think it matters much. My theory is that the "newtype" relationship or bond of Amuro and Lalah was so "perfect" and powerful that it really transcends the realm of physical love. I don't want to get crass here so cover your eyeballs kids, but my sense is that when newtypes have a "match" the way Amuro and Lalah did in GUNDAM III, that it was like "brain sex", where they connected in a way that really cannot be described. Essentially their "connection" is something totally on another plane of existence, awareness and consciousness. It's something us poor oldtypes couldn't really comprehend.

<<Now, Amuro probably thought Char had been interested in Lalah as a women, and Char would have thought Amuro was also fixated with Lalah as a mother figure. Since Lalah died before this little matter could be resolved, both men went on with their lives with this misunderstanding between them.>>

I think Char is jealous of Amuro, because he "got some" of that "newtype nookie" and Char, (despite his many physical conquests), never did.

<<In this context, the exchange will make sense, as Amuro (IIRC) finally_ figures out what Char was going for all this time.>>

Actually, I think Amuro's last line ("Lalah? Mother?...") was cut off, I think he meant to add "What the @#$% are you talking about?!"

that's my take, I hope it didn't suck,

<<Hmm. If Amuro had married Lalah, won't Char had to call Amuro "Father"?>>

Amuro: Char, I am your father!

Char: Really?

Amuro: No, not really, I just made that up.


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