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> > 5)So what made Char suddenly change from his good guy image to bad guy
> > I read somewhere that it was after the Gryps war, he got sick of
> That's basically a retroactive justification. It's almost easier to
> consider Z Gundam and Char's Counterattack as alternate continuities,
> CCA does have a few throwaway references acknowledging that Char and
> were once comrades-in-arms. My own pet theory is that Quattro Bajina
> really Char in the first place. ;-)

Interesting. I haven't seen MSG or the second half of Zeta so I'm not
really qualified, but i'll babble anyway =)
Is your theory that he was a clone? With the same memories up to the point
at which he was cloned, while the "real" Char was unconsious/otherwise
disposed for the duration? This would fit with the Gundam mythos
reasonably well. Real Char wakes up, kills the imposter, and resumes his
battle. The more I think about it, the more plausible it seems.
The other alternative is that he got whacked in the head twice, once
turning him into AEUGer Quattro Bajina, and then once again turning him
back into Char Aznable. This makes it easier to reconcile the vague Zeta
references in CCA, but its not as strong in terms of plot.

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