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Chris Maier ponders,

> 1)What's the signifigance of Amuro and Char's last words?

  It's just one of those weird psycho-sexual things, I guess. It's been a
while since I thought about it, but I think I had some kind of theory... :-)

> 2)Why does Mirai look like a wreck?

  I dunno, I liked her long-haired look. But their home is pretty shabby...
I guess even this is considered luxurious relative to living in the space

> 3)Was the movie meant to ignore Z and ZZ?

  Yep, it pretty much did. It's one of the weird truisms of Gundam that
every sequel refers only to the original series, never to the other sequels.
(0083, with all its foreshadowing of Z Gundam, is the lone exception.) While
we could speculate about the reasons - perhaps they're assuming that far
more people are familiar with First Gundam than with its sequels - the end
result is that almost every Gundam spinoff is a stand-alone sequel, and the
only must-see story is the original. That's probably the main reason Bandai
is doing First Gundam as its next U.S. series.

> 4)Why no Kai Shinden?

  When you're doing a movie, you have to keep the cast small or risk
overwhelming the viewer. Witness the pared-down cast of the X-Men movie -
or, if you've seen the Escaflowne movie, consider how distracting all the
minor-character cameos eventually became.

> 5)So what made Char suddenly change from his good guy image to bad guy image?
> I read somewhere that it was after the Gryps war, he got sick of earthnoids...

  That's basically a retroactive justification. It's almost easier to
consider Z Gundam and Char's Counterattack as alternate continuities, though
CCA does have a few throwaway references acknowledging that Char and Amuro
were once comrades-in-arms. My own pet theory is that Quattro Bajina wasn't
really Char in the first place. ;-)

> I don't buy it that he did this whole thing just so he could get another
> shot at Amuro.

  Me neither. Many of Char's own underlings suspect this, but for some
reason his enemies give him a lot more credit. Bright and Amuro, who
arguably know Char better than his current roster of flunkies, take him very
seriously and accept his stated motivations as being sincere.

> 6)How is the REGZ connected to the Z project MS?

  It was an attempt to simplify the Z Gundam to the point where it would be
feasible to mass-produce - hence the replacement of the complex
transformation mechanisms with a clip-on booster. It was still deemed
unsuitable for production, though, and they ended up giving the leftover
prototype to Amuro.

> 7)What was it with the floating "T" at the end?

  It's a sample of the same psyco-frame material used in the Sazabi and Nu
Gundam. As such, it has similar magical properties to these mobile suits.

> 8)The signifigance of the baby crying?

  That would be the sound of one hand clapping, while a tree falls in the
forest with nobody there to hear it. :-)

-- Mark

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