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<< I have a few questions about CCA- I managed to see bits and pieces of it

1)What's the signifigance of Amuro and Char's last words? >>

"Lalah is someone who could have been my mother."
"Lalah? Mother?"

I think those are the words, if you can figure them out, you are a better man than I am.

<<2)Why does Mirai look like a wreck? I barely recognized her until she said "Hathaway!">>

Life on Earth must really suck. You would think that Bright would have seen to it that his family lived in at least "comfortable" accomodations. (Hey, what is Amuro doing with that mansion in Cheyenne?)

but such is the life of a Lond Bell captain...

<<3)Was the movie meant to ignore Z and ZZ? I didn't notice any references apart from the engineer guy and Axis.>>

This kinda disappointed me the most about the movie. Initially, it seemed to be packaged as the "direct" sequel to the original Gundam. Stuff in Zeta and ZZ are only mentioned in passing.

Whatever happened to Beltochika Irma? I would have loved to have seen Camille Vidan or even Judo Ashita, but I know that Tomino wanted to focus strictly on Amuro and Char.

<<4)Why no Kai Shinden?>>

I'm not sure he would have added, but it would have been nice to see him.

<<5)So what made Char suddenly change from his good guy image to bad guy image? I read somewhere that it was after the Gryps war, he got sick of earthnoids...>>

My guess is that after the Gryps war and then the Axis war, the Earth Federation just went back to business as usual, not giving a damn about the Colonies or spacenoids. I think char felt he had given them a chance and tried to work "within the system", but somewhere along the line, he snapped.

I don't buy it that he did this whole thing just so he could get another shot at Amuro.

<<6)How is the REGZ connected to the Z project MS?>>

I'm not a mech-head, so I don't have a clue.

<<7)What was it with the floating "T" at the end?>>

It's the psycho-frame, representing the newtype energy of Char and Amuro...I guess.

<<8)The signifigance of the baby crying?>>

With the end of life (Char and Amuro) there is new life (the baby)

that's my guess


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