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Been a long time, but I can guess at a couple of these:

>3)Was the movie meant to ignore Z and ZZ? I didn't notice any references
>apart from the engineer guy and Axis.

Char and were only supporting characters in Zeta, and I'm not sure either
appeared in ZZ. By the time of CCA, the AEUG have disbanded (some joining
Lond Bell), what Titan forces survived have dissolved into either the
Federal Forces or the Neo-Jion, and the Neo-Jion have fallen into shambles.
CCA is really a battle between new armies that have inherited the Fed/Jion
war, namely the Lond Bell task force and the Neo Jion forces Char was able
to recoup.

>5)So what made Char suddenly change from his good guy image to bad guy
>image? I read somewhere that it was after the Gryps war, he got sick of

Char has never been a "good guy" or a "bad guy", but a fanatic for
spacenoid independence. It just happens that the real bad guys in Zeta, the
Titans, were Earth-sponsored, making Char thier enemy: "Any enemy of my
enemy is friend of mine."

>6)How is the REGZ connected to the Z project MS?

The ReGZ has been referred to as a mass-production descendant or the Zeta,
but if so it seems that Amuro got the first and only unit built. It's
entirely possible, with the events in CCA effectively ending the Fed/Jion
war, that plans to mass produce the ReGZ were abandoned.

>8)The signifigance of the baby crying?

There's a cat trying to steal it's breath.


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