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Interesting you should bring up such a point. I started getting interested
in Gundam around the same time I got interested in anime(98' or so) and I
enjoyed all the emulated video games, even though I didn't know what the
heck they were about. When I went to the Gundam websites I was kind of
overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of information, and figured I couldn't get
into it at the time. Then I heard about Gundam Wing coming to CN during
Summer 99', and so I decided to check out both 0083 and 0080 to see what
this whole Gundam thing was. It also turned me into a UC fan, although I
kind of like the concepts and designs of the alternate timelines. So you
could say I am a realitive newbie; however I remain a UC fan all the way,
simply because I believe it has more variety and depth than the realitively
short G,W,X and TA timelines.

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At 03:57 AM 8/2/2000 EDT, you wrote:
>I was one who joined after Gundam Wing aired,that's what got me into
>gundams....then i found The Mecha Domain and a i followed the instructions
>the join. I don't speak up much because I really dont know much about the
>older gundam serieses....I do know a bit about the Gundam Wing series,
>really the lenth of my knowledge.

With Bandai aggressively releasing translated OVAs and episodes, speaking
Japanese isn't really all that important anymore. As far as Wing fans go,
they're really not much different that a lot of other modern fans who came
on with 0080 or 0083.

Members of the list could strain to come of with what little cliques we all
belong in, but there are really only two major schools of Gundam fans
nowadays: pre- and post-internet. Pre-net fans thrived on the older
"Universal Century" shows (translations often being poor or missing),
particularly Zeta with it's multitude of robots and Char's Counterattack,
the apparent resolution of the Fed/Jion war. Another major part of pre-net
fandom was Hobby Japan and other magazines that fleshed out entire
side-stories (spin-offs and what-if stories) through MS models either
elaborately modified from existing kits or entirely scratch-built. The main
drawback pre-net fans have is a reluctance to accept newer Gundam series
and the fans they create, especially non-UC shows like Wing, X, Turn-A, and
((shudder)) G-Gundam*.

Post-net fans, like the recent crop of Wing-nuts, instead thrive on the
wealth of information on thier favorite shows. The problem many post-net
fans have is tunnel-vision, focusing on thier particular Gundam shows while
overlooking the long history of the Gundam genre. There is also a further
rift caused by the increasing simplicity of building highly-detailed models
from new, more carefully-engineered kits like High Grade and Master Grade
kits. This goes against a long tradition of overhauling Gundam kits so that
they more closely resembled "the real thing". To be honest, the new kits
are really so good that I'm afraid there are other old-timers (like me) who
want to keep working on the older kits or drastically kit-bash the new
models out of sheer stubborness.

One thing new fans should know off the top: aside from implications in
Turn-A, Gundam X, Wing/EW, G, & Turn-A are all essentially seperate
settings from the original Universal Century timeline, even if only
seperated by vast gulfs of time. If you keep in mind that there is no real
relationship between, say, ZZ Gundam and Endless Waltz, the easier it will
be to understand the differences.

Good places to start:

For great detailed overall views of the Gundam Universe:

For raw data and nifty scans of Gundams and other Mobile weapons:

For reviews of models and eBay vendors:

And a steady, if not perfect, source for models from overseas:


*Okay, G-Gundam wasn't really bad, just hard to take, and I do admit a
great love for the Bolt Gundam.

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