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BTW I agree with the fact that anyone still reading this thread should know
already that we're discussing a lot of spoilers for Eva. I don't like it
when people are deliberately vague to avoid 'spoiling' for others--I wanna
know! It never ruins deep plots for me to know how they end, 'cause seeing
it is always much more intense because of the delicate balance of anime
visuals, sound, and events... However, I understand that some people don't
want to know, so for them, spoiler space, in most cases, is practical.

Some of you were having a discussion about whether or not humanity was
assimilated/evolved or killed/de-evolved and whether Shinji was in control.
Though I don't disagree with your interpretations on the subject, I want to
point out some very clear clues of what was actually going on.

  They were being taken into Lilith. I don't think they were necessarily
"dead" per se, but their bodies were gone and they were only souls. I think
that's basically being dead, but from another viewpoint it might not be.
There are several lines that make it obvious the souls were being taken into
Lilith--their bodies being dissolved into LCL. Or their AT Field being
dissolved by LCL (LCL is Lilith's blood and is the 'sea under the
sea')...whichever. 'Course, whether the souls were merging with Lilith or
not is up to debate, Lilith may only have been a container.

  The argument of assimililation/evolution vs. kill/de-evolution is moot.
There are several lines that make it clear that humanity is evolving to the
next step...however, that the end is also the begining. We came from Lilith
as we were returned there. People's bodies were contained and kept formed
by their AT Fields, but that kept people from ever understanding each other.
  When Shinji decides to 'have people again' Rei/Lilith tells him, 'that
means people will hurt you again/that means you'll be afraid of them again,'
but Shinji replies that's okay. Ever wondered why it's Absolute Terror
Field? I developed the theory that the 'Absolute Terror' is getting to
close to people, caring about others, letting yourself be understood, trying
to understand other people, letting people I getting this accross?

  Shinji *was* in control in the way that it was mentioned. His choice
controlled Instrumentality. Gendo and Seele had both hoped to control
Shinji and Eva 01. Now, Shinji was in control simply because he was in Eva
01 it would seem (it is debatable whether someone else in Eva 01 would have
had the same power or whether the fact that Shinji's mom's soul was in Eva
01 was the reason he had the choice/control...). The lines, "Eva 01 and
pilot are now equivalent to god...Our future is in the hands of Ikari's
son," are pretty clear on the subject.

So, I'm on to read the rest of this thread....If I'm saying something
someone else has already said, sorry, I haven't gotten there yet!
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