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Bandai did do some limited edition kits, they are the 1/144 Special Edition
Endless Waltz kits. It was common in the market last year, but it's getting
rarer nowadays, though you can find a few on eBay. I heard that these kits
will not be reissued.

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> >>They already did - there has been numerous sweepstakes prize kits which
> >>truly limited to a few hundred or thousand pieces. One of the earliest
> >>even featured an autograph from the voice actor of Char on the box. It
> >>wasn't until G Gundam when Bandai started making limited edition kits
> >>available to the general public (Hyper Mode G kits, Metal Clear Wing
> >>Coating Version MG kits, etc.). There are also those convention-only
> >>like the ones for JAF-CON.
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> >Well, I don't mean THAT rare, by my meanining all I want is that people,
> >what they want and when demand goes down just stop, don't produce them
> >cycle, just stop. Why do I say this? A good example is the Star trek
> >Model from monogram, they released like 200,000 or something like that,
> >could have been easily bought at any store, but now that those people
> >it,
> >production has stopped, its not going down in price in fact price has
> >doubledfor this now hard to find kit, now thats what I'm talkin' 'bout.
> That sucks man, new fans will hesitate to get into the hobby if they know
> old kits will cost them a fortune to get. Bandai is really doing us a
> favor by reissuing the old kits, although they only do it when orders from
> retailers have piled up to a level that justifies their making a
> run.
> >And what sparked me to think about this? you have some guy selling on
ebay a
> >1/144 model of the OYW, sure I like them, hell I have most of them, but
> >guy is selling it for 15-30 dollars. You ask them what a gundam is and
> >response? "Huh?" And some of these guys just put them on because they
> >that it would help them make a quick buck, it annoys me to to see such
> >mean come on! if you bought it at a store for 3 bucks do you actually
> >you'll get 20 for it? damn! and its not just gundam stuff, people think
> >anime fans are dumb as crap, if you wanted a resin kit that cost 50 the
> >lowest
> >price on ebay for this certain kit would be 75, and the sad part is
> >actually pay, if production were limited we would prevent such idiots
> >ripping off people...
> >
> >- Roger
> Hmm, I dunno, if production were limited, doesn't that give these idiots
> more excuse to rip people off, listing stuff for $100 instead of $15-30?
> Eddie
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