ZeonChar (ZeonChar@Mindspring.com)
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 00:48:13 -0700

Hello, I am new on the list (I just recently found out about this online
while searching through sites.) I am a huge fan of the original series and I
have to say 0083 is in 2nd as one of my favorites. I build some models and
have general knowledge about Gundam. I'm not like some of you people who
know every name, specifications, height of every mobile suit ever created.
LOL, it's not a bad thing! My friend Alex has been a Gundam fan since I knew
him in 6th grade, he knows everything. Well I hope we can have some great
discussions on this board. And I suppose this comes up sooner or later for
every Gundam fan, where your loyalties lay, I am a Zeon supporter!


P.S. Btw, how many people have joined this list since Gundam W started
airing on Cartoon Network?

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