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><< 12 YEARS OLD. >>
>I just turned 14.

then be a credit to your age group. listen a bit and don't force your knowledge
on other people. the best way is to just show where you got it, and leave it
at that. other people will have their own sources, or will believe other sources.
 tough cookies.

><<The official spelling is Heero Yui.>>
>The "official" spelling is Heero YUY. not YUI.
>The "right" spelling is Hiro Yui.

let's get this clear: anglicization of japanese names is not an exact science.
 even the gundam people change the names every so often. the "correct" name
is not in the spelling; it's in the phonetic pronunciation. That's why we have
so many spelling differences. BUT, it should all just be considered an attempt
to put into print the proper phonetic tone of the name. The problem is, the
vocal tones of the Japanese language are different from English. And there
is the crux of the story.

Which one is correct? I don't give a damn. listen to the original version,
then just say to yourself "aha, that's it".

All this correct spelling thing is just frou-frou, when the important thing
is how it sounds in the original.

okay, back to fun matters...sorry I blew up, but this was getting annoying and

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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